Friday, November 8, 2013

Applesauce Canning-Crazy Simple

Canning applesauce is a great recipe for beginner canners and those who are on the timid side of canning.  It is as easy as peeling, cooking them down and canning them with a boil bath canner.  No pressure canning necessary because apples are a high acid food. Nervous about canning?  Don't be.  Head on over to Ball's website to get the skinny on canning applesauce.  Experienced and ready to take on different flavored applesauce?  Head on over to Canning Homemade for some fantastic twists on applesauce canning

The variety of apple on the Roggenkamp Farm is lost on us.  Mom planted it 20 years ago and it was forgotten along the way.  What I do know about the apple is that it produces a medium to large apple that is half red and green.  The sugar content is on the low end with fairly dense flesh.  Which translates that it is a delicious fresh eating apple, great for canning and fantastic for cooking.  Booyah!

I am lucky to have an apple corer and peeler that has been handed or thieved from family member to family member.  Every year I prepare my work space by getting my largest cutting board out and then clamping it to the counter top with a giant C-clamp like this.  Then I clamp the apple peeler to the cutting board.  This way it doesn't scratch the counter top as I'm whizzing through the peeling process.  

 The super awesome part of using a peeler is that it cuts your time down to like a 1/4th of the time versus peeling by hand.  It peels the skin off and cores the center all in one handy cranked system!

Just guide the peeler along the outer contours of the apple.  The silver peeler arm is on a swivel so it adjust to the different shapes of the apples.  

As I peel the apples I throw them directly into a pot on the stove that is set on low with a half of cup of water in the pot to prevent burning or sticking to the pan.  

The crock pot was also used in the process.  The same idea as the stove top.  Just set it on low with a half a cup of water.  

Throw your scraps to the livestock or in my case, give a few pieces to the dogs.  Maggie and Bella love apples.  

In the kitchen canning with loved ones is the best but there is something to be said about the quiet labor of love when working alone that is wildly satisfying.  

I do not add sugar to my applesauce nor do I process it with a blender or food processor.  Once everything is cooked down I just stir it with a big wooden spoon till it is smooth.  Once the water in the water bath canner is above 220 degrees process the pints for 15 minutes and the quarts for 20 minutes. 

Applesauce has lost it's place on the table as a staple for something sweet.  That's okay but maybe you should give it a second look to benefit your health, cut out a little sugar and trim down your waist line.  Also applesauce can be used as a proportional substitute for oil in your baked goods.  Honest!

Here is my most favorite recipe that I substitute applesauce instead of oil.  Most delicious Orange Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread
Happy Canning-Jessie


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