Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Barn Board Broom Rack

The pantry has been finished for about two and a half years but without a proper space to hang dusters, brooms and mops.  When I first bought the house there was a closet with closing doors which did not jive with my grandma pantry vision.  I craved open shelving and things hung tidy on the wall.  Enough was enough of looking at my disheveled cleaning wands!

Unfinished and Un-Pretty!
I ran up to the Roggenkamp Farm for my fave type of wood, free, rustic and with a little history!  The boards needed a little love so I took the belt sander out with full intentions of getting away with asking Mr. Squirrel Jar to just do it for me.  Ha, did he teach me a lesson for trying to sneak him into doing it.  Uneven pressure on the belt sander with visions of uneven surface and belt marks quickly caused me to freak out and take back the belt sander.  Lesson noted, Mr. Squirrel Jar plus one to you sir!

Technology just astounds me sometime and questions what else will we be using our phones for in another 10 years, pregnancy test, x-ray and ultrasound?  Maybe we can finally track down Sasquatch.  I digress.  After sanding and cutting the boards to fit in the space we used an IPhone level app to make sure it was level to the ground.  However, I would like it noted that I like tools.  Not the goofy human type that you just want to sock in the face but authentic Parkrose Hardware tools.  It just feels like I'm cheating if I don't get out the real thing.  

 Getting prettier with a few nails to secure the boards in place.  The stud finder was not used.  Instead I used what I always saw Mom and Dad do, the old knock on the wall test to find where it sounded solid. 

The aged boards have so much character and dept of color that it is really hard to find much love for the new stuff at the home stores.  That's just me but whatever makes ya happy.  I decided not to oil, wax or protect the wood in any way.  Roughed up wood seemed to fit the bill on this one.  However, now that I have it up all I want to do it paint this room a bright white!  So over beige. For another day I guess.

The kitty chewed up an old fabric measuring tape so I cut the scraps out and tied them to the cleaning handles for an alternative string loop.  I love how they look.  

My good friend Emily made the collage rack as a recent wedding gift.  She collected the pictures and modge podged them onto this little coat rack.  All of my favorite people are there to glance at when I walk into the pantry.  Originally I was going to use the old schoolhouse coat racks.  However our front room doesn't have enough wall space so what better use than the coat rack in a high traffic area for cleaning utensils! 


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