Friday, November 15, 2013

Bottle Crate to Spice Rack

I love old crates repurposed throughout the home.  This bottle crate was picked up last year at one of my favorite vintage sales for $9. 

Those metal wrapped corners and stamped name on the side was just too much to pass. 

There was some empty space on the wall next to the oven making for easy accessibility while cooking.  

I simply drew a level line at the top part of where the crate would hang.  Then tapped in a few nails to the wall to hang the crate on.  The back of the crate is slatted so it was easy to just align the nails to the open slat areas. 

Surprisingly the crate and spices are not heavy so they don't put much stress on the nails.  In the situation of heavier hanging weight I would highly recommend finding something at the hardware store that would evenly distribute the weight. 



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