Tuesday, November 12, 2013

DIY Kitchen Towel Hook with Vintage Silverware

These spoons have been loved so much.  You can see it in the scratches, gouges and worn areas.  This silverware has very little tarnish because in my squirrel nest we do not reserve the FINE china or silverware for special occasions. 

The downside of our silverware collection is that I have a gazillion spoons but only 4 butter knives!  We feed an army on any given night but honestly there has to be something fun to make out of a few extra spoons.  Remember the Kitchen Island Renew?  Well that little island was in need of some towel hooks which quickly translated into towel hooks made out of the vintage silverware!  

I broke out the alphabet stamps and the permanent ink pad.  I use the awesome StazOn permanent ink pad in black.  It is an amazing ink that goes on just about any surface easily and permanently.  I will note that I did mess up on a few of the letters and was able to easily wipe them away within seconds of stamping when I realized it didn't look right.  

Recently I read a phrase "I love you a bushel and a peck" so I took those two words for these hooks.

Okay, so this project wasn't a total win but I do love the outcome.  I sent Mr. Squirrel Jar to the hardware store to find something to attach the spoons to the island.  We talked about it before hand that I wanted something that could be invisibly hooked to the back but for whatever reasons we decided upon screws.  Unfortunately the concave surface of the inside of the spoon made the screw stick out too far.  The convex surface on the back of the spoon didn't give much space to attach a hook.

However, I was too lazy to go to the hardware store myself so this was the compromise.  I love the spoons but I'll definitely be doing this project again but head to the hardware store myself to find something that can be invisible on the back of the spoon to attach it to the island. 

I would also hammer the surface of the spoon head to be a little flatter so there would be more workable space on both sides for stamping and attaching.  

I do love them despite the visible screw.  The kitchen towels hanging were beautiful wedding gifts from my girlfriend who hand stitched a set of four.  She is just so darn talented.  I almost hate to use the towels and haven't worked up the courage yet.  But eventually they will be well loved.

Goodwill is a great place to find a few pieces of vintage silverware under a dollar or perhaps your own silverware drawer has a few to spare.  Either way you really can't go wrong with how easy these were to make.



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