Friday, November 22, 2013

Printed Burlap Lampshade Recover

Holy goodness have you checked out the printed burlap that is out on the market?  There is so much ridiculously fun prints out there! Take a quick peak at what burlap Joann's has to offer.  So much freaking fun.

I know I have already done a lampshade recover project but it is just so simple.  So I ask, why not do it as many times as my little heart desires?

Especially when the lampshade looks like this.  Yuck!

Sean is a huge biker so I had this bike printed burlap from another project.  I say it again, I can not get enough of how much fun and versatile the burlap is.  

After cutting the burlap cover, spray the shade with some light spray adhesive.  There are a ton of spray adhesive brands out there and all of them work about the same so don't get picky.

Roll the fabric slowly onto the lampshade making small adjustments to make sure it stretches flat against the shade.

I heated up the glue gun and put a small line of glue in the inside of the shade to secure the loose ends because I'm a lazy crafter.  Glue guns, duct tape, straight stitching get most jobs done and wicked quick!

Don't you just love a quick redo!  Just think you still have tons of hours in the day to sit on your front porch to yell at the neighborhood kids or tell your neighbor how to properly sweep their driveway.  Being old and crotchety is going to be so much fun.  I should start a list of all the ways to terrorize my neighbors as the crazy lady.  



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