Friday, November 1, 2013

Wedding Locket Souvenir

I am a nut.  After recently getting married I wanted a keepsake that I could wear.  

Let us roll back time and start to love lockets again.  A locket of memories and love.

I know that a cheap locket bought at a craft store will not last a lifetime but let's pretend.  The acorn for this little squirrel could not be passed up.  

I cut a tiny scrap piece of fabric from my wedding dress.  

Our dear friend Britt was our wedding photographer with an amazing talent.  She has sent us a few samples of the gorgeous photos taken.  It has amazed me how quickly the wedding day memories fade.  

In this picture we were just announced husband and wife.  I went in for the kiss but Sean stopped me to lift up my birdcage veil.  When we kissed the world became silent and the entire wedding of 200+ guests disappeared.  SOoooooooo corny but so honestly true.  

I feel with weddings that so many times we forget that we are getting ourselves into a marriage and focus too much on the ridiculous details related to a one day party rather than what we can do about the longevity of our fledgling relationship.  

I know that a locket is not going to be a miracle worker for a relationship.  However, I have a hot temper.  I get mad and I run away.  I shut down, throw up my barriers.  That little hallway in my mind when things are not going well just gets longer and darker and I have no one to blame except me.  

I want that memory hanging around my neck to remind me of how breathtaking and heartfelt that moment was feeling like we just might burst from being so damn happy.  



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