Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Winter Gardening in a Raised Bed

Winter gardening can be so simple! I know it seems a little late in the year and you're probably tired after a busy summer of gardening.  However, if you have a little extra energy you can throw some seeds in the ground with the help of a plastic cover.

Look through your seed catalogues or visit your local nursery to seek out seeds suitable for winter seeding.  I highly recommend Territorial Seed Company for their fantastic winter seed selection.  Portland Nursery for the Portland locals is a great resource for winter crops and cover crops.  

The fall is the perfect time to plant garlic and onions for a spring harvest.  Wonder what cover crops have to offer?  Read up on the value of cover crops here at Washington State University's site.

Need some help on researching winter crops?  Check out Territorial Seed Catalog's winter suggestions.

After the seeds are in the ground grab some plastic sheeting at your home store.

Put the PVC piping back in the raised beds.  

Stretch the plastic tight and sprinkle the ground with a little water to add moisture for germination.  Close up the ends and call her good.  Just sit back to watch the seeds sprout and add a little water when the soil starts to look dry. 

Be patient with winter gardening.  Everything just grows slower and some things won't be ready to eat until late spring.  If you choose to put cover crops in the grounds just make sure you hoe it into the ground before it flowers.  You don't want to create more work for yourself if the plant reseeds itself and spreads.    

See year round gardening can be just that easy!



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