Tuesday, December 10, 2013

6 Pack of Reindeer Happiness

Let us honor reindeer in their quirkiest nature by decorating a 6 pack of brown glass bottles to look like reindeer.  I ask you in the spirit of love, family, happiness, traditions, candy canes and the outpour of generosity who doesn't love themselves a pack of reindeer?  They are the little workhorses of the holiday season asking nothing for themselves and delivering tons of christmas magic to millions of people.

This project is both kid friendly and for adults.  The only caution is to have an adult use the glue guns when working with kids.  Glue gun burns hurt oh so very much!  Other than that just have fun with it.

Supply List:
6 pack with brown bottles-cola, root beer, beer
Red pom poms
Wiggly eyes
Brown pipe cleaners
Glue gun and glue ticks

There is no right way to make this craft so forget about the rules and just create.  

We used a total of two brown pipe cleaners for each reindeer.  One was wrapped around the bottle top to create the base of the antlers.  

The second pipe cleaner was cut into four pieces for the branches of the antlers.  Remember reindeer do not have horns.  They have antlers.  Reindeer can be very offended if you say they have horns like goats and cows.  

It really is as easy at that!  Takes probably a total of 10 minutes to decorate a 6 pack.  It is the perfect gift for white elephant exchanges, holiday parties and kids exchanging gifts.  So grab your friends like I did and have a mini craft party.  Remember, craft parties do not have to be all night rages, just a quick project to get in and out.

One of my absolute favorite christmas memories growing up was when the reindeer landed on the roof.  We lived in a mobile home while my parents were building our house so the roof was a really noisy metal roof.  Our family christmas eve tradition was for the whole family to come up to my parents house.  My brother and I were in middle school and our 3 cousins were much younger.  My dad dressed up as Santa, jumped on the roof of the mobile home and then ran the entire length of the mobile home making it sound like the reindeer were taking off.  It turned into straight pandemonium in our house.  If Wesley and I no longer believed in Santa you would have never known it.  All of the cousins were just going crazy trying to catch a glimpse of the reindeer.  So this 6 pack of reindeer is dedicated to my dad and all of the amazing parents out there that create a magical time for their children.  May we never grown up and let our hearts turn brittle to the possibilities of magic.  



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