Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Candle Blunder

This is not a horror scene, I promise.  It is a melted candle.  My christmas tapered candles got a little droopy in storage this year.  Yesterday when I was rapidly unwrapping and decorating the house I thought I would just heat them up a bit to straighten out the tapered candles.  

So I threw them on top of the heater for a quick second………..14 hours later.  I wake up this morning and am at a loss because I do not have enough energy to get started on this clean up project.  

Thank goodness for our dear friend Jay who is temporarily staying with us.  Without saying a word he starts working on it and then sarcastically says to me, "Hey you should do a "what not to do" on The Squirrel Jar".  

You are correct Sir.  Do not try to straighten your candles by placing them on your base board heaters and then forgetting all about them.  This is the most wonderful time of the year.  Do not waste your time cleaning up unnecessary items.  You should be hugging your best friend, making breakfast with your family and watching christmas movies together while snuggling on the couch!


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