Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Tree

My christmas tree style is very traditional family.  All of the ornaments that we collected growing up adorn our tree with the basic red and green bulbs to pull it together.  Add some candy canes and we are good to go.  

What is your decorating style, modern, traditional, eclectic, rustic?  

Gifts from friends and family make up most of the holiday decor.  Sean's aunt found this little angel for me last year.  

Throw in the holiday books for good measure.  Every christmas eve Mom would read the Polar Express.  Does your family have a favorite holiday book?  

I like to pile up the presents and keep them grouped in baskets, metal tubs and pails.  With all of the animals that run through our house it is an easy way to keep the presents organized and the floor easy to clean when vacuuming.  

Watching the Christmas tree lights at night with the rest of the lights in the house off is a very peaceful way to end the day.  Whether you are snuggled up with family on the couch or quietly enjoying a cup of tea alone the lit up christmas tree is the beacon of all the most wonderful things that the holidays stand for.  What are your holiday traditions around the christmas tree?



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