Friday, December 6, 2013

DIY Holiday Party Dress

Tis the season to be jolly and bright!  I was looking at the holiday dresses this year with all of the black and red.  Then I thought to myself, "you got this Jessie"!  Dude, I was right.  I could be whatever holiday color, print and pattern I wanted.

I had this little number just sitting in my pattern box waiting to be called upon.  I love to pick up patterns at Joann's when they have their sales that are like 5 for $5.  I stock up and then just wait for the right mood to whip out a dress.  

Can I get a "Heck Yeah" for Brocade!!

Okay, so I say this with a tiny warning.  Be kind to yourself.  Love yourself and do not try to undertake making a dress in the middle of christmas decorating, baking, cleaning and parties.  People hate the holiday season because of the excess and stress.  It can be crippling.  

Lola and The Ongoing Battle of Ankle Biting

Crippling and not in the kitten chewing on your ankles while sewing crippling.  Lola can be such a beast when ankles are exposed.  Do not take on making a dress when you are already tired and exhausted.  

With a little planning make your dress a month in advance of a special occasion or season.  Especially if you need the help of a more experienced sewer.  Your friend, mother, grandmother will be way more appreciative if there aren't screaming schedules and time to breath.  

If you have only evenings to work on your project, give yourself 5-6 nights to work on your dress.  That is 3-4 hours of work every night.  If you have full days to work on a project give yourself 2-3 days.  

It just takes time and no one wants to get all nutsy by slamming out a dress in two days.  Your kitty, children and significant others miss you and will start to term you with not so sweet names.  

The result of making your own dress is so fantastic!  With the help of a dress form the result is highly tailored to your body and unique to your personality and energy.

So I say to you, treat yourself and not in a shopping spree sort of way.  Treat yourself with a shower of individuality and hand craftsmanship. Need some help with your sewing skills?

I highly recommend finding your local sewing center for classes. I spent the last year taking beginners courses through the Palmer Pletsch Sewing School held at Fabric Depot.  Loved it and all of the students in my classes.  The camaraderie and skills gained were just astounding.

Do it!  Be your own holiday disco ball!  Merry Partying!



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