Friday, December 13, 2013

DIY Santa or Elf Wine Toppers

Put a beard on it!  Dress up your holiday wine gift with a Santa or Elf wine topper.  I can't even believe how easy these were to make.  Each topper took like less than 2 minutes a piece to make.  This is a great craft party project. A few girlfriends came over all with their own ideas of how they wanted their Santa or Elf wine topper to look.  

Supply List:
White and red Felt
Wood buttons-found in wood crafting section at craft or hardware stores
Glue guns
Pipe cleaners if you want a squiggly top

All you do is cut a big triangle out of the red and then glue up the side to make the hat.  If you want the hat to look wiggly glue a pipe cleaner to the inside of the hat like Bri did for her Santa wine topper.

Cut out the beard from the white felt.  If you have a specialty felt make sure the right side of the felt is facing outward, then glue to it to the bottom rim of red felt hat.  Final touch is glue the button right along the seam for the nose.  

This is a super inexpensive craft and can be used for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage gifts.  You could decorate soda, sparkling ciders, sparkling wines, beer and wine with these cheery toppers.

Speaking of Santas, I cannot help but appreciate a really authentic looking Santa.  The best is when you catch Santa out of the usual holiday season.  The summer I was going into 6th grade my mom took my brother and I on a month long road trip through Canada and Alaska.  One day we drove past a RV with Santa behind the wheel.  He even was wearing a red t-shirt.  It was Santa alright, right there on the Alaska Highway enjoying the wild life and open roads.  Thanks Mom for taking us to the North Pole that summer and spotting Santa on the highway.



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