Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Non-Sweet Edible Gift-Apple Almond Rice Mix

Oh my holy sweet tooth!  Middle of December I feel like my insides are rotting because I cannot pass by a Christmas goody.  

Unfortunately I also cannot resist baking all of my favorite treat recipes that I give away in Christmas care packages.  Taste testing is a must!  My usual holiday treats are my mom's scrumptious Mystery Bars and Peanut Butter Crunchies made from corn syrup, peanut butter and corn flakes. 

However this year I felt like mixing up the edible gift package just a little. 

My mom has a few of the Goose Berry Patch books that I love to look through for ideas and inspiration.  This year I found in the pantry section a super delicious looking dry mix recipe.

Remember when I had posted earlier this fall about canning applesauce?  From that same batch of apples I dried a bunch of apples using my dehydrators with the idea to use them in some sort of edible Christmas treat.  

What I was going to do with those dried apples was a complete mystery till I ran across this awesome recipe!!

So now I am completely stoked to give a delicious gift that is not complete sugar!  What edibles are you giving away this holiday season?  What are your faves, chex mix, gingerbread cookies?  Have fun in the kitchen!



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