Friday, December 27, 2013

Rice Filled Pet Toys

Is everyone looking forward to the weekend after Christmas?  What about your pets?  Did you remember them for the holidays?  I hate to say it but sometimes we overlook our furry loved ones during this crazy, busy season.  If that is the case take 20 minutes to make your pets a late gift from the heart.  

Lola couldn't even keep your furry little knickers on long enough for me to cut the fabric.

I cut a couple of fun shapes out of fabric scraps from my fabric bins.  Whatever shapes you choose just cut two of them to be sewn together.

With right sides of the fabric together sew around the perimeter leaving an inch open to fill the toy with rice.

Flip the fabric to right side out and fill with rice.  1/4 to 1/3 cup of rice is more than enough.

Lola loves bells so I threw a couple of bells in with the rice and sewed the toy closed.  

Get frilly and add ribbon scraps.

I was a moron and forgot to flip the bear inside out before I filled with rice.  However, Lola did not care one bit.

She stole it right off the table and was an instant hit.

My warning is know your animals.  If your dog or kitty shreds toys don't put bells inside.  If your animals is food obsessed and will eat the toy, do not fill with rice.

There was a bag of cat nip that was intended for these toys.  However, I did some errands leaving the bag on the kitchen table.  By the time I got back I was informed that the cats went cuckoo, ripped the bag open, threw it everywhere, rolled in it causing a huge mess.  Needless to say, catnip did not make it into the toys.  However, the kitties love the final product regardless.



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