Monday, December 23, 2013

Salted Dark Chocolate Coffee Crinkle Cookies!

I just adore Jessica from How Sweet It Is!  Her blog and recipes are so entertaining and always fabulous.  For an extra special Christmas treat I made her Salted Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookie with the addition of 1 tablespoon of ground coffee.  

My Childhood Cookbook

Growing up the most coveted cookie Mom could make was the chocolate crinkle cookie out of Cookies for Kids!  Actually I lied, her Monster cookies were just as fantastic as the crinkle but that is for another day. When Mom would make the crinkle cookie, chores were done quicker so we wouldn't miss when they came out of the oven.  Jessica's truffle cookie is a take on the classic crinkle so I had to try it.  

Instead of rolling the dough in powdered sugar, sea salt was sprinkled on top.  This recipe requires a little bit of patience because the dough needs to be refrigerated but oh so worth it.  The boys in my house quickly munched down a handful of fresh from the oven cookies without a second thought. 

My mother in law bought me these little stencils a few years ago so I thought I would finally use them for a little added fun.  I despise unused items around the house so if it hasn't been used in a few years it goes in the goodwill pile but these are just too cute.  So to properly abide by my strict goodwill rule they had to be used or chucked. 

  However, if I was to be completely honest I wanted to use powdered sugar as a tribute to Mom.  Why do I love the holidays?  It is because of Mom and how amazing she made this time of year.  The holidays have always been a busy time of year but never a stressed, miserable, dreaded, chaotic, dramatic display of emotions or forced family time.  It wasn't an amazing time of year because a gazillion presents were received and ripped open.  It was because of the religious nature of how my mom and family made decorating the house, blasting Christmas music, playing the favorite holiday movies, snuggling on the couch, baking and decorating cookies. 

Though the little secret is when Mom's checklist isn't completely marked off, she says with a warm smile, "I guess if it isn't done by now then it isn't going to get done."  It is her way of putting closure to the things that you can't control and making the best even when it doesn't go exactly as planned.  It is pretty easy to enjoy the people around you and yourself when you are at peace with the present.  

What makes this time of year so special for you?  Who helped you through the season to make it magical?  If not Christmas, what time of year is the most amazing time of year?  Perhaps the 4th of July or a specific weekend means all the world to you.  Whatever time of year is most magical for you, I hope that you truly enjoy yourself and time spent with loved ones.



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