Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIY Wedding or Party Buntings

Every party needs decorations just like every warrior needs a weapon of awesomeness!  Let's talk about last minute decorations that aren't going to leave you cursing a party store's outrageous prices for frill that is to be immediately thrown away.  Give yourself an hour to make and string party buntings!

This is an especially cost effective decoration piece for weddings.  Fabric scraps cost next to nothing, they are way more personal than white flags and you can re-use or repurpose the fabric when you are done.  

You do not need to buy brand new fabric for this project.  Do you have spare fabric laying around the house like extra t-shirts, old sheets, cast off curtains, ill fitting button downs?  

To help stimulate the focal point give yourself at least two colors that coordinate.  Cut out a bunch of squares.  Make the squares any size you want.  To get an idea of what size you want to make, fold the material in half to form a triangle as shown above.  For our DIY farm wedding I went big on the buntings. 

My Wedding Sewing Crew
After cutting your squares fold them in half to form a triangle with the wrong side of the material facing together.  Next, sew them close with a 1 inch opening on each side toward the top of where the material is folded over.  This will allow for the bunting to be strung on ribbon.  These buntings do not have a clean hem finish on the outside so the material may fray with use.

Plan how long you want your bunting string to be.  You will need to figure how many buntings will make up that length, given the size of squares you are cutting.  Once your pieces are sewn take your medium weight ribbon with a safety pin woven through the end.  This will allow you to guide the ribbon through the bunting opening easily while stringing them.

Once strung you are ready to hang your reusable decor.  The best part is you'll find a bunch of great reasons to hang them like birthday parties, BBQs, graduations and just because they are fun!  Lastly, after a raucous party it is up to you to ask the ladies in your family to remove the lampshades and buntings from their head.  Or maybe not, every hometown needs gossip.  Side note-no ladies were partying in this photo, just silliness.



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