Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So You Are Engaged. You've Gathered Ideas.What's Next?

You are engaged or throwing a really big party.  You have scoured all of the most fabulous idea sources for DIY brides on Pinterest, Wedding Chicks, Green Wedding Shoes, All Free DIY Weddings and Style Me Pretty.  Holy goodness how do you sort through all of those fabulous ideas?  Simple, only use what really speaks to your heart and get rid of the fluff.  NO, not, I kind like this or my mom/dad/best friend/family wants this.  You love it or you don't.

Gather your pictures.  Print them out.  Have them tell you a story.  Remember when you learned how to write a story in elementary school?

You as a reader need to understand the characters, setting, plot, details and timeline through pictures, diagrams and checklists.  Trust me, you are going to love the pictures when asked by all of your friends and family wanting to share in the excitement.   

To help myself make decisions I would ask myself these questions.  
  1. Do I love this? 
    • Answer: Heck Yeah-keep the idea
    • Hmmm/Sorta-chuck it.  
  2. Am I doing this for myself or because someone else says I should? 
    • Answer: Honestly it is for me-keep the idea
    • Probably for someone else-toss it, this isn't their party
  3. Is anyone else going to notice this detail? 
    • Answer: Of course-keep it
    • Probably not-save your energy
  4. Is this going to be thrown away directly after the wedding?
    • Answer: Yes- reduce amount of garbage if possible.  Do I really need it or is there something else that you can use? 
    • Not going to be thrown away-I can give this to someone or use it myself after the wedding.  

The book of ideas will also help keep everyone else and you focused on what is important.  When you are asked if you want every cutlery set wrapped in ribbon or how the ceremony area is to be decorated, all you have to do is grab the book and point.  No stress, no explaining and everyone gets it.  

Main Gate Hay Bale Stack
Once you have your ideas down, collect all of the materials, craft tools, awesome friends and family in your life for a crafty wedding weekend to make as much as you can ahead of time.  If you are new to The Squirrel Jar I wrote about my crafty wedding weekend here.  What a fabulous way to spend time with the supportive people in your life.  

Bridesmaid and Flower Baby in Training
When it comes time for the crafty wedding weekend do yourself and all of your volunteers a favor.  Bring refreshments, have all of the necessary tools for people to help, bring music and get a good nights sleep because no one deserves an ornery hostess or host.  

Directional Sign
It would be like showing up to help a friend move and they have absolutely nothing packed.  I have dumped 5 gallons of liquid laundry detergent on carpet for less.   I'm just kidding.

Christmas Light Lanterns
Sorry, I digressed.  The point is, regardless of how much time you have to prepare, be kind to yourself.  Make as much as you can ahead of time with the help of your support group and then stash the finished projects. 

Weddings and big parties at the heart are full of love but all too often tears, debt and chaos ensue because of the extravagance.  The only reason for the party is because two hearts are wanting to be joined for marriage.  What kind of memories will you have after your wedding if you keep true to your relationship?  Through all the trials just keep reminding yourself the only reason why you are here is because you have someone that wants to be your sunshine till you are in rocking chairs.  So does it truly matter whether you have a butterfly to release during the ceremony or a carriage ride away from the ceremony if you have a hand to hold through all of your adventures?  


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