Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stamped Wooden Utensils

Let's have some fun.  We probably can all agree that cabin fever may be setting in.  To liven up the day  add some sparkle of entertainment with personalized messages stamped on disposable utensils.  

Grab a pen and paper to write down your favorite phrases.

Grab these supplies:
*Disposable Utensils-birchware, wooden utensils, plastic
*Permanent Stamp Pad
*Alphabet Stamps
*Favorite Stamps of correct size to fit on utensils

Dish yourself up fresh marion berry pie with a side of vanilla bean ice cream.

The best part is that you can stamp the utensils for any occasion, holiday or just for fun.  Go super sassy, sexy, sarcastic or snarky with your phrases.  Sky is the limit.

I was working on these when some friends were over.  After seeing what I was working on they just started spitballing ideas at me.  So many giggles!

What tickles your funny bone?  Do you have a favorite saying?  What sort of gifts could you come up with?  How about a picnic set with a tablecloth, stamped utensils, napkins and a sweet treat.  Much fun to whatever you come up with.



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