Friday, January 17, 2014

Wall O' Wreaths

2013 was awesome sauce!  The bucket list went something like this: white water rafting, sky diving, start a blog, have a booth at a vintage fair, try my hand at refinishing furniture, paddle boarding, rock climb, camp more, get married and work on being a little nicer.  Being a little bit sweeter is arguable.    

Alright 2014 let's do this.  Time to dig through everything in the house to get rid of everything you do not love.  I mean it, clothes, bedding, shoes, utensils, furniture.  I had read a post from the always fabulous Marian about living with what you love from Miss Mustard Seed.   I took every word to heart and loaded an entire car load of cast offs.  Thank you Marian!

With that being said bring on the new year and new house decor.  What can we whip up that is not going to take forever, doesn't cost a ton of money and can be passively made while watching The League?  How about a little greenery to liven the home?

I would love to freshen up the home with a bunch of house plants.  Tiny confession, I kill houseplants.  Like I walk past them a million times telling myself I need to water them.  Then while at work I worry that I didn't water them.  When I get home I forget about them all over again.  I'm over it.  Bring on the vegan plants.  I don't like to call them fake so I've stole one from the hipster's dictionary, vegan.  Everything fake, faux or plastic is now vegan!

With an hour in front of the television and a few cups of tea I whipped out a few wreaths.

Hello lovelies!  So what are you tackling in 2014?  Wait a second, what am I going to tackle in 2014?  Oh geez, I need to think where I am going and how I am going to get there!  Happy 2014!



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