Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beautiful Mismatched Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids can be absolutely gorgeous without wearing identical dresses.  Before you call me F^@! crazy and dismiss the idea of cloned bridesmaids hear out the rational.  Your friends have a better sense of what fits their body.  You will also save yourself a ton of headache ensuring that all dress sizes are in stock, everyone has purchased their dress and that alterations have been made.   Everyone saves money. And hopefully the bridesmaid-dress cliche for once is true.  You can totally wear this dress again. 

"What are your bridesmaid's wearing?".  My response, "Whatever they have in their closet." CRICKETS........ That is what you will hear along with the sound of panic and devastation that is rushing through people's head.  Oh god, this wedding is going to be so unorganized, sloppy, mismatched and chaotic.  No, it will not. 

You have the best friends since 1st grade, elementary school, high school, college, first job and the cousin from your husband's family who have loved you unconditionally.  They are all completely different from one another.  With all of them beautiful in their own way why I ask you would you want them to all look the same? 

While you are engaged you will be asked what they are wearing forty two million and a half times.  However as many times as people ask, you will happily respond because you want them to share the visual image, tone and energy of the wedding. 

Your bridesmaid's do not have to all be cast in the same mold to look uniform.  Think of your girls as a collection or bouquet of flowers.  Don't you just adore those overflowing displays of colors and textures!  I do.

If you decide to go the route of having the girls choose their own dress help them out with a little bit of guidance.

Give them:
*direct links to dresses you like on the internet
*price ranges
*skirt length
*specific features you want-sleeves, collars, ruffles
*material-cotton, blend
*pattern type
*pattern size
*color range
*shoe suggestion: wedge, flats, boots, cowboy boots

I told my girls given that many of them have started their families and we're young in our careers that I do not want them to fret about buying something brand new.  I urged them to dig into their closet, a girlfriend's closet or check out thrift stores.  Goodwill has so many fantastic summer dresses that cost less than $15!  Eat your heart out David's Bridal.

Start wedding boards on Pinterest and share them with your bridesmaids.  Look up dress ideas on Etsy if you do not want to go the bridal showroom route.  The suggestion to my girls was made that the dress be made of cotton, knee length with a floral print.  Just look what the girls came up with!  They looked so beautiful and it was all a complete surprise to me.  Enjoy the engagement and the process.  Above all else, trust yourself and remember your wedding can look like you and not all of the wedding magazines. 



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