Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY Kid's Doctor's Play Kit

This Kid's Medical Play Kit is a high-five to my mom. Growing up I watched Mom doctor a ton of abandoned, dumped and previously unloved animals back to health.  The summers were always the busiest time because she would take on a batch of kittens that needed to be bottle fed, cleaned and bathed.  We would mimic our mom's actions of love but always dug into her real supplies.  We never got in trouble but to save yourself a headache you can create a medical play kit for your kids.

I chose two pieces of fabric that were at least 16" tall by 16" wide.  
*Cut 2  shell pieces: 15" tall x 11 1/2" wide  
*Cut 4 side pieces: 5" tall x 2 3/4" wide

You will be creating a shell and liner with side pieces to create extra width.  Keep in mind while cutting the direction of the pattern on your material.  I messed up while cutting out the large exterior piece because the pattern is upside down on the front and when the top of the bag is closed.  But then again, do kids really care?  Probably not, just you.  

After cutting out your pieces lay the big pieces with the right side of the pattern facing up.  You can create a flat fold-over flap or a curved flap.  I cut a half circle out of the top of each piece to create a curve top but it isn't necessary.  Pin the small side pieces with right sides facing the shell pieces.  Start on one end of the shell and slowly pin around the edge of the small piece like the picture above.  There should be about 2 1/4 inches left at the top that will be the top flap closure.

Before sewing the sides to the shell the bag should look like this pinned together.

Sew a straight stitch to join the sides to the shell pieces for both the outside shell and inside lining.

Once both layers are sewn flip the outside shell right side out.

This will seem a little odd but bear with me.  Place the outside shell inside the liner with right sides of the material facing one another as shown above.  

Sew the two shells together leaving a 2 inch opening to where the bag can be flipped with right sides out.  

Once flipped with right sides out, tuck the liner inside the outside shell and sew the 2 inch opening closed.  

Iron the edging of the bag to create a flat laying rim.  

Sew the top of the side pieces together as shown above.  This will make it to where the bag doesn't flap open and spill all of the contents as easily.  

Using another scrap of felt or material cut out a cross and place on the bag.  The cross can be on the flap or on the body of the bag.  Once pinned sew around the perimeter.

Align your velcro pieces with one side on the top flap and the adjoining piece on the top of the body of the bag.  The easiest way for me to get them truly aligned is to place the velcro pieces on one side of the project and then take a pencil and scratch the graphite on the exposed side of the velcro piece.  Then I flip down the flap and pushed hard so the graphite transfers to the other side.  After I see the mark has been made I place a tab of fabric glue on each of the velcro pieces and let them dry in their marked places. 

Cut the desired length of ribbon for each handle.  I don't like super long handles so I kept each ribbon length less 10".  Sew your handles on with one handle on the front and one on the back.  

Fill the medical bag with an inexpensive play kit from a dollar store.  If you can't find a medical kit just improvise with some bandaids and empty little bottles from around the house.  

9 out of 10 stuffed animals approve this medical kit.  I asked all of my old stuffed animals how they felt about it.  They agreed they felt more secure knowing there was a doctor in the house.  Have fun!



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