Thursday, February 27, 2014

Visit The Squirrel Jar

I walked into Found on Fremont and threw my name in the game for a tiny little space just big enough for this squirrel.  A year ago I started blogging to avoid sitting on the couch and uselessly passing the time.  That behavior just will not stand for the perpetually restless and tinkering heart.  Sometime in the last few months the air became really quiet and again it was time to try something different.

It was somewhere between Milly insisting on snuggling during typing and the long days of winter that I was like, "Hey Jessie!  Get yourself out there to see if other people appreciate what you're doing".  This would be the time of year that Mom would finally have enough of us complaining about having nothing to do.  "Go out and play in the barn."  So that is exactly what I am doing.  Getting dirty, discovering new things and inviting friends to build a fort with me out of hay.  Stop on by anytime or day after this Saturday to see what treasures speak to you at Found on Fremont.  Please call for their hours as they can change.    



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