Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sew a Curling Iron To-Go Holder

Who needs a to-go curling iron holder?  I have to laugh to myself that I even made this.  The truth is I didn't even own a hair brush through college let alone a curling iron.  My college roommate Amanda had all of that stuff so my traveling beauty kit was a wee bit on the light side.  

I promise that was a long time ago.  I really do brush and curl my hair, when I have to.  However, I do have girlfriends that travel everywhere with their weapons of beauty!  So this tutorial is for my Amandas and Emilys of the world.

*2 pieces of material-12" high x 15" wide
*matching thread
*thin batting-12" high x 10" wide

These are the measurements for a curling iron that is 2" high x 11" wide.  The width of the material is folded into thirds to create two pockets, one for the curling iron and one for the cord.  Add three inches to the width of the curling iron and times that by three for the total width.  2" curling iron width + 3"=5"x3"=15" total width.

If your curling iron is a different size you can modify the measurements.  For the height measure your curling iron then add an extra inch to the height/length of your curling iron, 11"length+1"=12" total.

Cut the piece of batting the same height as the main material and 2/3 of the width.

Cut a portion of the material at a slant on an outer third.  I measured 5" at the top on an edge and 5" down, drew a line connecting the two marks and cut along the line.  Lay out the material with the two pieces of material with right sides together and batting on top as pictured above.  Pin the three layers together.

Sew around the entire perimeter leaving at least 3" open on one of the edges allowing the material to be turned right side out.  Once sewn turn the material right side out.  For crisp corners cut the excess fabric.  Use a chop stick to push out the corners.  Iron around the perimeter to create a crisp finish.  

Fold the material into thirds and sew as close as you can along the bottom and inner edge as shown above.  

Fold the remaining third of the material over and sew along the outer edge and an inch at the top as shown below.   

Ta-da!  Two little pockets of magical organization.  Think gorgeous Victoria Secret model hair curls on the go!   As you're running out the door throw the curling iron in the holder and into your purse, work out bag or travel bag.  Now you do not have to worry about it melting everything it touches.  Take that you hot mess of a curling iron!



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