Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Cards of Love

This family believes in I love you, thank you, please, I am sorry, no biting and a lot of hugs.

Some people feel love through presents.  How about a special pack of stickers?

Sometimes grandparents just want to hear from their family.  After all, they are part of the reason why you are here on this earth.  So what if you do not have anything in common with them.  Tell them about whatever dreams pass through your head, who you've helped lately or just to tell them that you love them.

What about sitting on the couch and just giving your loved ones your undivided attention?  Like seriously undivided.  Hold their hand, let your kids snuggle in the crook of your legs while watching your favorite Disney movie.  If couches were big enough that is what I would do.  Could you imagine a grown ass woman snuggling up in the crook of her mom's legs?  Ha, I know but those are some of my fondest moments when my mom would slow down to snuggle.

How about a few clean jokes written to your friends who have kids?  Just because you don't see them as much doesn't mean you don't think about one another from time to time.

Your co-workers may be a forced friend group but there have to be at least two co-workers that you can high-five or tell them that you appreciate them because they help you get through the work day.  You are often spending more face time with these people than your family.  They deserve something.

How about your amazing neighbors that watch your animals when you are gone, lend you a few eggs and store a spare key to your house?  They may not be your main emergency contact but they are great allies to have if something happens around your home.

Who ever you have to love or appreciate, make sure they know.

Happy Mushy Feelings Day!!



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