Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentines Day Chalkboard Love

It was fun to decorate for Valentine's Day this year with the chalkboard art that felt a little more organic than in years past.  I chose statements for the chalkboards that reflect my relationship.

The chalkboard above was the closing to my vows.  After Sean proposed to me I wrote my vows within the first week.  We were engaged for 18 months but I knew exactly what I wanted to say.  The hardest decisions are the easiest to make when you block out all the distractions and listen to your heart.

Going with a more homey feel I grabbed items from the pantry to decorate with.  The old egg carrier now holds a few hearts.

I reused a wreath from the January wall of wreaths I wrote about a few weeks ago.  Then I added a houseplant that I haven't managed to kill yet and the mercury glass hurricanes that I reused from the farm wedding.

I really like how the wall of wreaths looked so I just replaced a few of the wreaths with a little Valentine's Day flair of hearts and red berry garland wrapped to make little wreaths.

The XOXO came from our Rockstar Birthday party from years ago when Sean and I first started dating.  Our birthdays are 5 days apart so we usually have a themed group birthday.  The bathroom was decorated to be like a superstars dressing room including bras and panties everywhere.  I just can't get rid of the glitter letters.

A girlfriend suggested this last weekend to make life-size stand up boards with our faces cut out so we can take pics of ourselves in the cut outs.  Oh geez, can you imagine if you walked in the front door and your friends had life sized cutouts of themselves!  It is crazy genius.

If you don't have old bottles laying around maybe you have a liquor or wine bottle to wrap a heart around.

Valentine's decor can be a simple spattering of tokens or it can be flamboyant.  Whatever you decide I am sure it will look lovely and speak to your loved ones.  Don't let your heart become bitter with the hard hearted who say Valentine's Day is a made-up holiday of Hallmark.  My question to you is "So what if it is?".  Share that 20 second hug and high fives to pass that fantastic energy to someone else.



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