Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winterberry Burlap Chair Reupholster

Okay, I am over the winter blues but it took a little bit of work and reupholstering a run down chair.  It didn't involve booze and poor decisions.  It started with running shoes and throwing my buns out of the front door for a little exercise.  The second step was ripping through a new project.  

This super dirty chair will have to do!  

 Eeewww!  This old material needed to go.  If you need help with recovering seats I previously reupholstered chairs here.

Rip out the old nails.

Cut out new material with an extra four inches around the perimeter.

Inspect the old foam to see if it is able to be salvaged.

You can use upholstery nails or a staple gun to tack down the new material.  

Awesome!  Can you feel the energy surge back through your body?  Slough away the holidays, cold weather and get that body and mind moving again.  

Oh baby, look at those beautiful legs!

Alright, I was pretty sure everyone was hiding from me because I started to feel like a constant angry monster.  Who knew all it was going to take was a little milk paint and burlap to get this animal under control!



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