Sunday, March 23, 2014

Embossed Silver Cream and Sugar Dishes

There is so much silver out there just collecting dust.  I wanted to give it new life with a painted stencil update.

I totally sissied out with the stenciled words.  Cream and sugar are so safe.

The truth is I didn't know how well this project would turn out so I reigned in the creativity.  The paint was probably wrong but the instructions on the back of the bottle said it was ideal for metal.  I am interested to see how well it holds up when the surface is wiped down.

The funky font is way cuter than the all-business Copperplate.

Since sugar and creamers are so easy to come by I really want to give this project another shot.  The second round I am going to brainstorm more playful words.  Seriously, next time you are at a thrift store check out the silver section to find all of the unloved sparkly objects.  Grab one, bring it home and give it a new purpose such as a coin holder in the laundry room or jewelry drop in the bathroom.



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