Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jewelry Organization With A Cup of Tea

Spring is lurking and I know that monster is creeping over your shoulder to get organized.  What you need is one innocent looking desk, a dozen sets of mismatched tea cups and saucers and an unruly batch of jewelry.  This is not an organizational solution for just women.  Men could organize their watch, tie and accessories.

Years ago when my Great Grandpa Mel passed away he had this little run down desk in his garage that he used as a work table.  Being the life long scrounger that I am, I could see it's lovely potential.  I refurbished the desk and used it as a working desk for years.

But guess what?  An age hit where little desks like this just do not fit their original purpose.  I no longer sat down at a desk to type, do my homework or pay bills.

Enter my absolute love of jewelry especially vintage and estate jewelry.  I know exactly when this passion started.  Growing up, my Grandma Judy had a big jar of her old jewelry in a jar on the top of a garage shelf.  All of the beads, bobbles and glitters fascinated this little girl like a moth to a flame.  I would go into her garage just to stare at that jar which was always out of reach.

Through the years my jewelry collection has been handed down through the family and slowly collected here and there.  Along those same lines my teacup collection has grown to massive proportions.  Hello, you just down sit down with prissy little teacups anymore.  Girlfriends don't come over for tea in the afternoon.  We slog our way to coffee and tea shops for expensive beverages.  Which is absolute craziness the prices those shops charge.

Pencil Holders is Now a Bracelet Holder

One day I was staring at my empty desk trying to figure out if I should keep it.  However, I needed because all of my jewelry boxes sat on top of it.  Then shortly afterwards I wandered to the kitchen to tidy up all of the teacups.  WHAM!  YOWZAS!  HIYA.  That is how it hit me to combine these three pretty things in my life.  Take the unused teacups and line the desk with them to organize my jewelry.  Oh sweet goodness, it turned out even better than I could ever imagine.

A cool feature of the desk are the paper trays.   I lined the top one with flannel so I could lay out the necklaces.  I tell you that flannel works the best because it keeps the necklaces from sliding around.  All I did was measure the area, cut out a piece of scrap flannel, spray adhesive on the wood and lay the flannel on top.  Presto!

Just think, instead of cluttering up the look of your room, you can just close the drawer for a clean finish.

Little desks are easy to find at really affordable prices.  What piece of furniture do you have laying around that could be doing a better job to keep you organized?  Now dig around and use what you have in a better way!  In the words of Ariel, "How many wonders can one cavern hold?".



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