Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Inner Little Mermaid

Look at this stuff!  Isn't it neat?  Wouldn't think my collection complete?  Wouldn't you think I'm the girl, the girl who had EVERYTHING!!!!!?  I'm my 7 year old self  with my best friend, Alison as we belt out The Little Mermaid in the living room.  Yeah, 7 years old, 1989 is when The Little Mermaid came out.  GASP!  Anywho, the point is Ariel made an excellent point.  The junk, collecting and treasure hunting is exploring yourself, possibilities, the past and the untold stories.

Like where did that little coffee and sugar canister sit and were they loved?  Better yet, how excited was I when I found them with that fantastic font!

A little tea tin was the perfect container to house a mini garden for a succulent.  Just like Ariel combed her hair with the dinglehopper which was actually a fork.  Repurposing at its finest.

Those mushroom mugs!  How many of us had grandparents with bright ceramic canisters sitting on the kitchen counter?  My Grandma Iris did which is why I snatched these for someone to love them like they loved the comfort of being in their grandparents kitchen.

Kitchen towels, almost enough said.  I was doing something in the kitchen with like 4 kitchen towels all crumpled up around my project.  Hands down probably one of the best gifts to give someone because you can never have enough.

These prescription boxes came out of an old pharmacy here in Portland when they were remodeling.

Miss Squirrelly Buttercup.  I love her so much that she will probably just come back home with me to hold cookies because as of lately I cannot get enough of homemade cookies.

Then there are my Dapper Deer Pillows which I cross stitched bow ties and neck ties onto the deer and moose. And I'm about to break back into song.  "Treasures untold.  How many wonders can one cavern hold?"  I had an Ariel wig at one point but Sean chopped off the long locks to make it apart of another costume.  If not for that I would probably be wearing it and twirling around the house while belting out the rest of the song.  I love it and I don't care!

With that all being said, check out The Squirrel Jar's physical shop space at Found on Fremont to discover your own wonders!  Head up the stairs to find us on the 2nd floor.



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