Sunday, March 30, 2014

Vintage Crates

My inner task master loves lists.  Lists mean getting things done.  Getting things done means stuff out of my way.  Getting stuff out of my way means they are stashed out of sight.  The big gold shiny star is I LOVE CRATES, BOXES and BINS!

Couple that love for containers with junking means that I am always on the search for the fabulous bins.   Sometimes people overlook these items when putting together a sale which can mean a real bargain.  Those old crates are used at barn sales to hold fishing tackle and spare car parts.  To my little repurposing heart I see an apple crate holding my seasonal blankets and stashing books out of sight.

Look for the signage on the bin.  There can be a lot of history stamped on the side of containers.  They are old apple bins from your region or packing containers from local business that closed their doors long ago.

Sometimes the crates are fairly new but are close to free.  If the newer box is a little too plain, stencil the side to add your personality.

The spring season for me always means gardening, new beginnings and tidying up my garden yard.  The words that came to me were revolving around our region and gardening.

Craigslist has so many estate sales going on I can hardly contain my enthusiasm!  If I was caught on a corner they would think I was a stripper with the amount of $1 I keep for the impromptu garage sales!

Love this time of year-Jessie


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