Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Vintage Fabrics and Messengers Bags

I love fabric.  The possibilities it holds.  The secrets is keeps.  The happiness it brings when made into the most perfect item.  

I scavenged through The Knittn' Kitten recently to find some vintage fabric including a flamboyant flower print and some rugged Pendleton wool.

Between Pinterest Boards and Spool No. 72, I got all giddy about coming up with some new creations.

A mix of old project's fabric with vintage fabric is always fun.

This is the weird time of year and this girl needs projects.  When I can't spray paint projects I need to sew.  You think I am kidding.

I have been trying for two and a half weeks to use chalkboard spray paint but this Portland weather is enough to make me go bananas!  Speaking of bananas there is a serious hankering building for the most amazing banana cupcakes from How Sweet It Is.  Sorry, I got sidetracked but the point is that when I can't get my itchy trigger finger on a can of spray paint, sewing does a kick ass job of keeping the brain busy.  

You know the other awesome part about making purses is that there are a gazillion free patterns out there that lovely craftsman generously share!  Like Jess' tutorials from The Sewing Rabbit.

I used old belts and scraps of leather from Oregon Leather Company to come up with handles and straps.  Honestly the hardest part of putting the bags together is learning how to sew leather.  I'm working on it but it is no easy task.  I really like tackling new skills so this is pretty perfect for the hobbled days of the tween seasons of winter and spring.

Have Fun!



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