Sunday, April 6, 2014

Barn Wedding

Why do we love to get married in barns?  

They say you can never truly go home.  I say that is baloney.  Home is where your heart is.  My heart is where my family is at.  Sometimes the physical building surrounding us, such as a house, simply earmarks home. 

For some that can also be a barn.  

Yes, your heart can be home when in your family's barn.

The barn is the back drop of hours spent while mucking stalls, hay piles being jumped into, hide and go seek and learning how to how to start a tractor. 

The barn is from the earth, built to shelter the family and their livestock.

It is a quiet beacon for a peaceful life of tending the earth. 

You can see the stars when walking out to the barn and humbles you when approaching in the dark.

With how much a barn is trusted it naturally lends it's confidence on an important event in our lives such as a wedding. 

It now becomes our dance hall.

It provides the back drop to all of your loved one's smiles while dancing under the stars.

The old rabbit hutch now provides your guests with gifts of teriyaki sauce made by your best friend's dad.  Old nooks and crannies of the barn reinvent themselves for a new purpose. 

The cool shade inside the barn now shelters the bright floral bouquets instead of livestock. 

The hay and pumpkins turn from food into decoration and back to food after the big celebration.  No waste.

There is nothing fancy about a barn wedding which is kind of the point.  The weathered boards are the well defined wrinkles of your grandfather's face. 

Located at the center of the property, she holds the matriarchal role of your grandmother who glues the family together and organizes the big family events.  

A barn wedding is your best friend who doesn't care how you are dressed for dinner as long as you are there having a fantastic time around the dinner table. 

A barn wedding is where you dance with grass under your toes alongside your new spouse.  The very same grass that slipped under your feet while you played tag behind the barn 20 years ago .

If you have the opportunity to own a barn and may someone ask you to host a wedding in it, say yes.  


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