Sunday, April 27, 2014

DIY Living Wedding Floral Arrangements

How about you enjoy your wedding flowers all summer long instead of a measly one or two days!  If you want a ton of flowers for your wedding, the reality is that you have to be really mindful on what you want to keep the budget down.  Warning this is not about floral arrangements on a budget.  This is about getting the most out of those jaw dropping flowers with a living arrangement.  You want those floral arrangements to be in every background, lighting up the pictures and everyone's faces with the fabulous backdrop of color.

Everyone has a soft spot in their heart for what is really special to them.  Flowers are mine.

Thanks to my long time best friend, Alison and her family, the Arais, I was able to have my flower wedding fantasy.  Arai Nursery grew, planted, potted and arranged all of my gorgeous living arrangement for my wedding.  I think they ended up planting and growing around 100+ arrangements for me!  Over a 100!

If you are considering potting up arrangements for a special event I highly recommend their amazing service and plant selection.  I am totally biased because they are a second family to me and I work alongside the Arai family during nursery season.  However they have been offering stellar service and free potting for as long as I can remember.  The service provided runs something like this.  You come in with your pot to be planted.  They help you figure out what goes in the pot, pick out all of the plants and then pot up the arrangement.  You walk away giddy because you have a finished arrangement that was custom made to your taste and you didn't have to bother with even getting your hands dirty!  Hello, it just doesn't get any easier than that.  

 Okay, back to the wedding flowers!  Here is the deal with deciding on flowers.  You just have to sketch out the decision making tree in your mind regarding flowers.

*Do you like or love flowers?  
A). Love, Duh!!

*Do you want a ton or do you want just enough to grace the place?  
A). I want to drown in flowers!!

*Do you want to throw all of your money away on flowers that will be disposed of within 48 hours or admire bejeweled spectacles of color all summer long?
A). I prefer a gobstopper that you can't bite through!

*How much energy do you have to take care of plants?  They do need watering every day, pruning weekly, fertilizer such as osmocote every few weeks and a bloom producing fertilizer 2-3 weeks before the wedding and a lot more if you are having a wedding in the later part of the summer like September.
A). With the help of friends and family it is manageable.

How do you decide what to plant?  You first need to think of your colors.  I wanted all of my baskets anchored with yellow or orange so those two colors were mixed in every basket.  The rest of the colors didn't matter to me because yellow and orange can tie just about anything together.

After you have thought of your color combination think about the time of year and temperature.  If you are having an early summer wedding make sure to talk with your nursery people to find plants that bloom early, some petunias, nemesia, diascia, lobelia, some verbena.  If you are having a wedding later in the summer don't plant items like petunias, nemesia, diascia and lobelia because they will be way past their prime.  For a late summer wedding plant calibrachoa, bidens, osteospernum, licorice vine and marigolds,   They really pack a bunch of color.

It was insane but made the whole summer magical as I watched those flowers grow and fill into their pots.

Thanks to the help of a bunch of friends and family the flowers were farmed out during the summer for watering, pruning and fertilizing.  I cannot say enough about the love we received from Mary Lou, Kathy, Auntie Carla and the Arais with plant help.

We scattered those pots from the entrance gates clear up through the ceremony and reception locations.

The best part was we had a ton of parting gifts for all guests.  Those who walked away with plants had the biggest smiles on their faces.

Talk to your local nursery to see what sort of options they offer for potting up custom orders for your special event and then enjoy them for a heck of a lot long than one night!



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