Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DIY Tabletop Wedding Arrangements

Feel like doing your own wedding floral arrangements?  Need a little help?  Check out the stunning pictures in this book, The Flower Recipe.  This is about doing floral wedding arrangements on a budget and being creative with your resources.

Of course you want to do your flowers because you have a yard, a friend or grandma's yard or a local u-cut flower farm close to you.  You also crave the freedom to get lost in the colors, textures and mood that is set by the flowers!  Are you craving something wild and rustic with twigs, berries and flowers all mixed up?  Perhaps you want need the pristine look of large buds neatly nestled next to one another.  Whatever your style is, help hone into it by figuring out plants you have access to free of charge or cheap and what vessels can you use to provide a temporary home.  After you look around look at Pinterest for arrangement ideas.  Remember the pictures don't have to be exactly replicated but look at the overall mix, what can you substitute for the tall spiky thing or the trailing items?

If you are going to do your own flowers you need to have these things:
*cool and shaded space where the flowers are protected from a breeze
*access to water
*vessel-jar, vase, bucket
*flower stabilizers-flower frog, floral foam, marbles, tape
        *stabilizer is only if you need some extra help keeping the flowers in place
*pruning sheers
*wide mix of flower sizes, shapes and textures

My floral recipe included items in three categories: fillers, spillers and thrillers.
Fillers: salal, aster, lace maple leaves, ivy, field grass
Spillers: cosmos and dahlias cut short
Thrillers: helianthus, cosmos, dahlias, marigolds

You also need help.  Yes, help.  The flowers need to be done the night before or early the morning of but not by the bride.  Grab Grandma and a few other ladies that are looking like they need something to do. Trust me, your family and friends just want to be helpful so let them stop twiddling their thumbs and put those fingers to use.  If they are unsure, give them pictures.  Mock up an arrangement a few weeks before and give that picture to the helpers.

I told you I am cuckoo for cocoa puffs when it comes to flowers!  Luckily so is my family.  We pulled flowers out of my neighbor's and two aunt's yards.  The jars came from my bridal shower where I only asked for canning jars.  Mary Lou, my neighbor mom, lent a few old raspberry carriers for the center pieces.

If you would have to buy all the flowers this would get really expensive but it is possible to do your table flowers on a budget if you have an open mind and look at the plants in your yard a little differently.  You'd be amazed at what can go into an arrangement.  

Happy floral arranging.  



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