Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Easter Decorating

Buttercup's house rule for seasonal decorating is the goods cannot go up any sooner than 30 days before the said holiday.  So just like counting down to Christmas, I wake up super early the Saturday I can finally decorate.

I really get into the vibrant pinks and yellows that spring time decorating promotes!  After a dreary winter I'm like bring that confetti out! 

Everything I unpack has a piece of my goofy little heart.  This bunny with the button legs in my newest piece.  Mom mailed me an Easter care package early so he has snuck in a few extra weeks of Easter showmanship before everything else was brought out.    

There is the homemade curly sheep that looks more like a sheep dog but the bunny and chicks turned out well.


I really like to make these humongous gardening bunnies dressed in their dapper vest and frock the focal point because honestly how many times do you get to see giant rabbits on display inside the house.  I stole these from my mom and will probably have to give them back but finders keepers for now. 

Most of all the collection of plastic bunnies, fuzzy chicks and chintzy easter eggs just remind me how much I really value my lovable and wacky family.   

No booze needed for us to survive a family gathering, just some Nerf guns and a big bag of Whopper Robin Eggs!



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