Saturday, April 19, 2014

Portland Home Flavor

Our dear friends, Cybil and Nick are the sweetest home owners with fantastic taste.  They happily share a similar love for the unique in their SE Portland home.  Their drive to find thoughtful items is part of what makes the Portland spirit so contagious. 

They marry all those items to create one giant lively home that excites the eye everywhere you glance. Cybil, as adorable as her personal fashion, has always loved to be surrounded by cute things. 

Just look at this centerpiece.  Cybil wanted a little box made out of old wooden shop rulers so Nick with his handy spirit made her this little cage for the wild napkin rings.

When you visit their home there is always a story to go along with the newest item.  Between the two of them, Cybil and Nick could walk you through their entire home with a back ground story on just about every piece of furniture and trinket.  The vintage copper fire extinguisher is one of their latest treasures.   They had spotted a similar one for over $250 at a high end antique store but was able to unearth this one from the back of a booth at Antique Alley for around $40! 

This wall!  I freaking love this wall!  Cybil bought birch tree wallpaper about a year ago but it didn't make it very far.  Then recently her mom came over to help her knock out the entire wall!  A mom's tenacious will to finish a project is not to be messed with. 

Can you tell they refuse to settle for boring or generic?  Also their use of Pendleton wool throughout the home adds the fuzzy warmth and texture that makes you want to sit down and relax.

Cybil, "My favorite thing about my house is it feels "lived in". It's lived in by Nick and I, the two mutts and our friends and family".  I couldn't agree with her more.  You know you are in a special place when you don't feel like you have to knock to see if it is okay to come inside or walk around on egg shells in case something spills. 

 Their hope is that their home is comfortable and welcoming for everyone who walks through the door.  That isn't reflected in just their home but in their attitude.  Whenever I ask if something is okay, Cybil always bats her hand in front of her face and says, "Oh, I don't care."  It is easy to be home with a friend like that.



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