Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SE Portland Yard

Hello again from Cybil and Nick's home!  We recently went through the inside of their home.  Now it is time for the outside.  Their yard is just too note worthy to be missed. 

Sometimes it is hard as a young couple to find your style together.  You would never know it by looking at how well our two friend's styles intertwine.  They bring their love for vintage outdoors with old metal bins for planter boxes.  

Even their walkways have that magic pixy dust.  You feel like you are walking a path to a secret hideout!

The trees are stick straight as if they jumped right out of a watercolor painted children's book.  

The brambly archway is the gateway to the hidden garden. 

Those teal Easter egg chairs are straight out of a lazy summer afternoon with a spiked lemonade.  You can almost smell the sunshine!

Most of all is just speaks volumes to how funny and down to earth these kids are.  



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