Friday, May 30, 2014

Spring in Ireland

Ireland treated us well on the honeymoon.  Two weeks to adventure with absolutely no plans and open hearts.

Ah man, the details on the buildings were just astounding!

We aimlessly wandered and stopped whenever our hearts desired.

Thatched roofs!

My favorite part of the entire trip was this little guy.  We were walking past a field to look at a stone ruin.  

This little lamb looked at us as we passed and gave a squeaky "baa".  Sean said, "Hey there little guy.  What?  Well come down here and tell us about it". 

He did just that.  

The lamb sprinted through the field, waded through a creek and broke out of a fence just to say "hi" to Sean.  

He was so freaking cute and it kind of broke my heart to see this lamb so excited to see us.  

He wouldn't leave Sean alone.  I'm pretty sure he was a bottle-fed baby because he was by far the runt of the lambs and was used to being handled, making him so friendly.  

The lamb wouldn't stop following us.   I had to pick him up and tuck him under my arm like a show rabbit.  Thank you very much 4-H for all those years of rabbit showing!! 

 We got to laughing so hard because we had to toss the lamb back into the field 3 times.  Every time I chucked that lamb I would start giggling, "I am a sheep shipper.  I ship the sheep".  You know Adam Sandler's movie "Just Go With It" and the character Dolph who lies about being a sheep shipper.  I couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous the scene was as three other couples gathered around us to see what the crazy Americans were doing.  

It seems so weird because we have hundreds of pictures of Irish buildings and landscapes.  Though my absolute favorite pictures are these 7 pictures of the lamb.  They remind me of my husband's compassion and love for animals which is apart of our love story and now honeymoon.  



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