Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

 Here's to Dads and all of the dried tears, building a platform on the tractor to stand in a wedding dress and power tools.  Yeah, I said power tools.  Here's to my dad with his quiet nature telling my brother and I, the hell to anyone that pushes us around and tells us what to do.  Here's to my dad and all those dads who are reflected in the hard work and dedication that their kids have to finding their own place in this world.  Dad, you are so very loved.

This little bureau was thee closest thing to a diamond in the rough that I have ever come across.  It had 4 layers of paint with the top color choice of orange to coordinate with the 1970's contact paper in Flower Power orange.  I had inquired about an add on craigslist from a super sweet lady, Cindy about another dresser.  When I showed up for the other dresser she had a stash of half finished projects with two super gross bureaus that had their last face lift in the 70's!

We got to talking and before I knew it an hour whizzed by as we were gabbing about projects.  I was trying to pick up all the tips Cindy was saying but I honestly didn't get half of them.  Once we both decided to take a breath she mentioned she was going to list the other dressers for sale.  I scooped them up with an re-energized spirit and brought them home.  

Once I got all of the new treasures home I thought, "Oh let's start with the small one to ease into it".  Ha!  I'm an idiot.

I ripped into this bureau not really thinking what I wanted this piece to look like.  It became very clear that this bureau had a stubborn soul and was going to be whatever the heck it felt like.  After more stripping and sanding I took a step back knowing this little caterpillar was now a butterfly.  A really awkward, rough, hairy butterfly or maybe a moth?  A little fuzzy moth.

When I put him back in the garage as a "done" project I laughed to myself.  There are grandpas out there with dressers in their workshop that look like this refinished bureau.  For me there lies the magic.  It already has a story.  This is where Gramps puts his wood working tools that he uses to make his grandson's wedding gift of a little end table.  The top of the bureau is where his cup of coffee rests and every few hours Grams comes out to refresh his coffee with a hot cup.

Happy Father's Day to every title that a man holds to his family and friends.



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