Sunday, June 22, 2014

June Portland Flea

 So Sunday at Portland Flea was super fun.  What was not fun happened to be the gods raining down with the fury that could fill an Olympic pool in 5 minutes!


It is the positive energy of all the vendors that really makes me happy.  We were setting up and the booth pals next to us could not get their tent up so we popped over there to help them.  Little favors like that were exchanged all day long.  

The weather would have caused most people to curse the skies but the gals next to me just kept laughing through everything.  Even when all of the booth items were condensed into a tiny little huddled mess under the tent to avoid the rain.  It took a 10x10 space and made it about 5!

I sent Mr. Squirrel Jar a picture at one point where the water was backed up against my ladder about 4 inches!  4 freaking inches.  My wet feet brought back memories of playing soccer in the wet and cold during the autumn.  This time though I didn't smell like sweaty, grassy, wet cleats.  

The weirdest part of it all was that every time the rain would thunder down, customers would huddle under the tents and stuff got sold!  Like pixy dust.  It was really rewarding to have people admire the pieces without any explanation.  The patrons that choose to come to Portland Flea aren't looking for cookie cutter items so sometimes the wilder the better.  I can totally get down with that.  


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