Monday, June 2, 2014

Outdoor Furniture Cushion Recover

Caution, this is picture heavy but well worth the wait.  Promise! 


Have you watched Jimmy Fallon's "Ew" series that he does on The Tonight Show?  The one with Seth Rogen and Zach Efron was so stinking funny.   "Ew" with an exclamation was the only way to describe the outdoor cushions this season.  

I am almost too embarrassed to put the "before" picture up.  Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!

Quick, back to pretty pictures.  Oh, so much better.  

With the help of an order from Joann's, I bought 7 yards of Waverly's outdoor uv-protected, water resistant material in Panama Wave Sunset.  I washed all of the cushions and recovered them.  It took a little time, a lot of pin pricks and a few wrestling matches with Maggie, our oldest golden retriever, to get my pincushion back. 

The colors couldn't be more perfect against Buttercup and all of the flower pots.  

Those bright purple and red petunias are like firecrackers against the fabric!  So dazzling.

We kept kicking around the idea of getting new outdoor patio furniture.  Honestly the little consumer inside of me just couldn't do it even as much as I wanted something new.  All of the existing furniture frames are in immaculate condition because we clean and oil it them year to ensure it doesn't rust.  It was just those nasty, ratty cushions.  So instead of $1300, we spent $71 to transform the look.  Heck yeah!

I added a little extra protection with a UV-protection and water proofing fabric sprays that I purchased through Joann's.  You can find them next to the heavy upholstery fabric.  

We spend so much time in the front yard from May through October.  Many a evening dinners are ate in the front yard.  After a long day of work, plopping down on the loveseat to read a magazine or catch a quick cat nap in the sun is incredibly restoring.  

Even Lola wanted a birds eye view of the new fabric!

I just love the street view.  


Now when the neighbors pass we won't feel so darn embarrassed if they come in to sit down.  However, I still believe that you want the type of friends and family that love you and feel relaxed in your home despite a little cat hair, errr or a LOT of cat hair.  It will brush off.  Summer we are ready!



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