Monday, June 9, 2014

The Grass Is Back!

Like a junky with a bad crack habit, a first time homeowner slash huge gardener some times just doesn't know when to say no.  I put in so many garden beds that there was not much room to walk around and it just became suffocating.

Especially for our girls!  Maggie and Bella didn't have any room to wrestle without me yelling at them to not trample a garden bed.  Like little kids always being yelled at to stop having fun, I was that parent!

Sean really, really wanted grass so we could enjoy the front yard again.  I also knew that I felt like the city was smothering me but in reality it was just how tightly I had packed every little inch of our lot with something that needed to be watered or moved.   It was time to declutter the front yard.  The garden beds came out, the old lumpy grass was ripped up.

The girls joyfully caused chaos in the dirt and sand for a week before the new sod showed up.

Tons of sand was added to provide drainage.

The new sod thankfully showed up and immediately laid down.  The inside of the house might as well have been a beach with how much sand was tracked in the house.

There are still lines between the sod rolls but they should fill in fairly quickly.  In another few weeks I imagine myself drinking sparkly beverages with dark sunglasses as I sit in front admiring all of our crazy hard work all while the girls roll around and play wrestle on all that hard work.  I'm really intrigued to see how it fairs the summer.  An update to come after we see how it holds up.



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