Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Unicorn Puke

Eww, Unicorn Puke.  This is what unicorn puke would look like if unicorns ate a whole box of Lucky Charms then threw up in the lollipop fields

Mr. Squirrel Jar sent me a picture of a treat called Unicorn Barf the other day.  I loved it so much I had to make it.

I just followed the regular rice crispy treat recipe on the back of the marshmallow bag.  I meticulously picked through an entire box of Lucky Charms for the colored marshmallows.  Instead of mixing in the special marshmallows with the regular marshmallows I used them in the part of the recipe where you would add the rice crisps.

Yeah, so what I'm really saying is that Unicorn Puke is all sugar and butter.  Oh yeah and sprinkles.  Little smattering of fairy dust!

This would be so easy to make with kids.  Their sticky little fingers culling through the cereal box for the colorful marshmallows.  Stealing little bites here and there.  I may or may not have been doing that myself.  Honestly, who can resists all those colors!

Perfect for a party.  Mr. Squirrel Jar and his BF, Jay said I should have used fruity pebbles and they were absolutely right.  The bright colors would have made the treats pop with color so much more.  Not to mention tone down all that sugary deliciousness.  Though when being frivolous and making silly treats, is there such thing as too much sugar?  At that point, who cares.  Let's party!



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