Friday, July 25, 2014

Brass Pulls Apple Bureau

This was another bureau that I purchased off of my Craigslist friend, Cindy.  She had stripped the top and started in on one of the drawers.  It was previously painted with a high-gloss red which wasn't bad but just dated.  It reminded me of the red dresser that my brother had in his room growing up.  I can almost still smell his motorcycle clothes piled up and around his little red dresser.  Gross!

A lot of time was spent stripping this down through three layers of paint but the bones were really sturdy.  The pulls were rummaged at The Rebuilding Center while I was still in my bicycling clothes.  Tight padded bike shorts and a work out tank digging through bins while construction and maintenance people are wandering around.  Check out the HUGE BUTT on that girl, it's like she pads it or something.  Exactly, my fellow vagrant shoppers!  My fingers were so black once I got out of there.  These bad boys definitely needed a thorough cleaning but I adore the tattered and tarnished look.

With a fresh coat of brilliant red milk paint and a top coat of tung oil the revealing was looking promising.  But the sparklers were lit when the pulls were added.  I really love how this piece came together with such a warm greeting.

The top would be well served as a changing table or even a side bureau in a dining room to hold ironstone pitchers, linens, extra silverware and fine china.  Or maybe it could help out at Thanksgiving as a serving station with a big platter in back, floral arrangement and a turkey in the center.  Delish!  Is it terrible that I just mentioned Thanksgiving and it is only July.  Total confession my brain does this flip at the end of July and I start thinking about the fall and Halloween.  Abomination!  I know.  Mums, the word and I won't mention it again....for a few more weeks.



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