Sunday, July 13, 2014

Multitasker and the Bella Bean

This beauty picture has Bella in focus instead of the little magazine and craft holder because sometimes the pets just have a mind of their own.  Every time I tried to take a picture either Bella Bean or Lola the kitty photobombed.

This little magazine holder was a good find from a few weeks ago.  Though it needed a little glam so I went with a gold handle and frame.  The body was left a dark brown.  I kept looking at all my milk paint colors but that squeaky little voice from the gold paint refused to be ignored.

The side bins are pretty darn perfect for a lot of different uses.  On a whim, yarn was thrown in there and I just loved how it turned out.  It is way glitzier than the usual fabric yarn carriers and serves up a double dose of multitasking by taking on magazines, book and remote controls.  

I had to crop out the collection of tennis balls Bella collected around her.  There was two orange Chuck-It balls, one bone and a regular tennis ball.  Every time I would pick her items up she would go out into the yard to hunt down another toy.  She is too sweet to kick out of the photos.  I keep reminding myself that someday she will no longer be trying to weasel her way into the pics so enjoy it while I can.  As we age I think we grow to where we value and appreciate the time we have left with the special people and pets in our lives.  I'd prefer to slow down now in order to know what I have than rush to the finish line only to reflect on what I missed.



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