Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Mirrors, oh how I love mirrors.  I'm not really sure where the adoration stems from.

Perhaps the ability to take a dark space to light and my continual optimism cosmically align?  Sounds like such a load of crap but there is a mirror in every room in my little house besides the pantry and kitchen.  Now that it's on my radar I'll probably sneak a mirror in somewhere too.  

This mirror was one of those typical 1980s mirrors with the dark wood and fake wood inlay that made only like 6 inches of mirror visible.  I wasn't having it so I ripped the fake wood out, cleaned it up and repainted it with a romantic shade of navy.  It is such a dreamy color.  Now my only thought is, how many more mirrors can I fit in my little squirrel house and where do I put this dream boat?



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