Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pallet Board Succulent Planter

On the rare occasion when Sean is out of town on business my evenings are like little grab bags of candy.  I feel a little awkward saying that because I love having someone to go home to but an evening here and there are sort of fun.  I dive into projects going at them like a bat of hell.  I go to bed extra early snuggling deep into the covers without an ounce of guilt.

That isn't the all around perfect evening but it is what I call a perfect evening for those few nights.  My perfect Saturday morning is when I get up completely refreshed, hours earlier than everyone.  Sitting there in the quiet hours of the morning my brain is still, my nostrils fill with the sweet smell of  Constant Comment tea.  My hands start to work over a project in between sips of the tea that brings my memories home to when my family start their mornings in the kitchen gabbing and motivating for the day.

That is what happiness looks like to me.  I know there isn't anything that I can buy to make those moments better.  Retail therapy and big, sparkly presents don't translate into happiness for me.  Maybe it was because my family weren't huge shoppers or that we lived too far away to constantly be at the mall.  I don't know but I sure hope that through the twists and turns, jobs lost and left that money will not be the heavy handed troll making all of my choices.  At least that is what runs through my hamster wheel brain.

Check out this recycled little planter!  Turning trash to treasures, my neighbor mom, Mary Lou found a little pallet then dug some succulents out of her garden.  Whether it is hung on an exterior wall or serves as a center piece it is the super drought tolerate arrangement for a busy summer season.

The best part is I can just imagine how Mary Lou came up with this.  She's wandering around working on one project, she spots the pallet out of the corner of her eye, grabs it and completely changes gears to work on her new project.  Her crafting style is so similar to myself.  Always getting pulled by the next fun idea.



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