Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pistachio Patio Furniture

A few weeks ago I set out early on a Saturday morning for one of those big organized neighborhood garage sales.  I thought before I made the trek I would stop at just this one garage sale that was one street down from my house.  Next thing I knew I never made it out of my neighborhood.

My favorite find from that weekend were these chairs.  There were two sets of grandparents sitting under a big outdoor umbrella just gabbing away like a social hour with all of their treasures laid out in the lawn.

As I wandered around it caught my attention how energized and sassy they were.  They were keeping themselves so entertained by striking up conversations with the visitors and dickering with that twinkle in their eye.

These outdoor chairs weren't even on my radar until Grandma #1 started heckling me to buy the chairs.  With her white curled hair pinned up, a tattooed arm holding onto a billowing cigarette she turned to me and cackled "When you get to be my age you get too tired to refinish furniture."  A good grandma heckle is hard to resist.

As I was loading these into the truck I started laughing because I didn't want to leave.  I wanted to join their festivities but inevitably they would have talked me into buying the rest of their treasures.  I am an easy sell.

 Once the chairs were home it took quite a bit of cleaning and a ton, I repeat a TON of paint to get them looking spiffy.  Initially the color possibilities kept rolling in my head, vibrant, no keep it neutral, aww go neon!  Quiet everyone while I think.  I texted Sean a pic of the colors and he chose Pistachio.  He's a great color picker.

After a lot of love they came out wonderful.  They are back in a prime party state to where those old grandparents could get back to what they do best, drink cocktails while razzing passing neighbors.

Party on-Jessie


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