Monday, July 28, 2014

Tall Dark and Sophisticated Bureau

OH MY SWEET, sweet goodness, this dresser is so stinking heavy!  I love his mysterious aura but I can't keep lugging him around!  He stacked, jacked and could hold your entire wardrobe!

When this giant of a bureau introduced himself, he was an outdated yellow tone in need of a beauty makeover.  These pictures don't do him justice but he is so darn dapper now.

I had been craving some grey so I went with my absolute favorite milk paint from Miss Mustard Seed.  I've experimented with a lot of different milk paints out there but hers are by far, thee absolute best quality for coverage, texture, mixing capabilities and true color.  This color is Trophy and what a prize it is!

The coloring looks really variegated and chippy but that was by design.  He was so sterile and polished before that I really wanted to subdue the size and staunch of this behemoth.  I imagine this in the bedroom with a mirror hung above it.  A dapper gentleman quietly dressing in front of it as he finishes buttoning his sleeves and smooths his collar.  One last devilish look before he pushes the top drawer back in and heads out the bedroom door for an evening of whiskey with friends.  Delicious.



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