Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Den Study Chair

This swivel chair was a lesson learned.  I need to either NEVER, EVER in my sane life get something with so many curves and seams OR I need to learn how to more efficiently strip something like this.  This chair was hiding under so many layers of white latex paint with drips of white paint dried everywhere.

For such a small piece of furniture it was easy to get lost in how many hours it took to bring this back to life.  I couldn't figure out what to do with it once the paint starting coming off.  My first genious thought was the I was going to be able to get every last little speck of white off of it.  HA, I'm dying with fits of giggles at the notion now.

To play up the rosy wood a horizontal stripe was painted with a black milk paint around the top and edge of the seat.

This swivel chair belongs in a den of packed shelves with piles of books as you swing from side to side picking out your next adventure.

Watch out there are long hours of enjoyed reading ahead.


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